XR Gaming - EARLYBIRD Release Out Now!


The early bird gets the worm, and you can get XR Gaming today for as little as $0.99 per month!

Regular PC games with any VR Headset

XR will turn your favourite video games into an immersive VR experience, from your computer straight to your phone.

EARLYBIRD subscription

Our EARLYBIRDS will get XR Gaming at a 4x DISCOUNT at $0.99. Regular price will be $3.99 after the initial 5000 subscribers.


XR will shape the way we create and consume VR Games, today and tomorrow. It allows you to turn any regular game into a VR Game. Here's what it's all about

Easy Configuration

We put a heavy emphasis on making sure the configuration is as easy as possible.

Gaming with a mobile VR Headset

XR Gaming is mobile app that connects to your PC then and turns whatever games you have into an immersive gaming experience.

Supported and developed by you, the gamers

We know that we can only build the best gaming experience together with our users, so we are very eager to learn from your feedback!

Future platforms

XR Gaming will soon be availble on iOS and will also connect to gaming consoles.

EARLYBIRD Release Available Today



Starting at $0.99/Month

Adapted for all budgets




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